Integrity Building Workshops/Retreats.

Integrity Building Workshops & Retreats

Integrity Building Workshops & Retreats
Learn the language of Integrity .

Integrity in Sport comes when everybody is in it. When an athlete, coach or administration isn’t aligned in integrity the results will often reflect that, not just on the playing in life as well. We are at the cross section of integrity in sport sport. If you are a coach, an athlete or an administrator our program provides support and assistance with the Athlete Integrity way. Our program is design with integrity of sport at the heart. We create an environment for everyone to be in it.

If you have a coach issue or a coach who has an issue with an athlete we are here to help the situation to redistribute the balance of power between a coach and athlete.

Advantages of having a Team Advocate:

— A dedicate Point of contact for the team: unbiased third party
— Trained in Coach-Athlete Dynamics
— Readily accessible

Bring the language of Integrity to your team
and give your athletes a voice to win from within.

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