Team Athlete Integrity Program

Program Overview

Our Mission is to eliminate the Silence in Sports

When an athlete is in integrity, it’s their own drive to success that is complemented by their coaches and not because of their coaches (or influencer). This can be developed as an athlete learns to connect with the athlete within to communicate with clarity and purpose.


— We develop the team, coaches and staff with our integrity building toolkit.

— We provide a dedicated Team Advocate for the teams or program to process any coach-athlete, athlete-athlete or team-athlete concerns from an unbiased third party.

— We include coaches and staff as part of the culture of integrity building.

— We create new a skill set for coaches, athletes and teams.

— We resolve conflict through our resolution services.

— We enhance coaches communication with athletes.

— We offer on-going Athlete Integrity Coaching.

Our Team Athlete Integrity Program

Team Athlete Advocate

When you know something isn't right and you need an unbiased "athlete" advocate to guide you through it.

Athlete Integrity Coaching

Athlete Integrity Coaches are trained to work with athletes with our Team Athlete Integrity toolkit. We work with coaches and Athletes to find their integrity through their own voice and actions.

Conflict Resolution

We are here to support an athlete through a resolution process to redistribute the power-dynamics of the coach-athlete

Integrity Building Workshops & Retreats

We are here to support Athletic Teams interested in building Integrity into their program

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Benefits of Team Athlete Integrity

Integrity in Sport for all stakeholders
Athletes, Coaches and Administration take part in an integrity building workshop to develop the path to Integrity in Sport
Unbiased and expert feedback on coach and team related dynamics
Coaches and Athletes need guidance sometimes and we are here to guide everyone back to integrity.
Builds stronger team unity
Through our Integrity Building workshops, all stakeholders are working with same toolkit to build personal and team building skills.
Athlete Communication Skills
Athlete builds effective communication skills beyond the life of the athletic career
Reduce Athlete Drop Rate
Creating clarity of an situation and the voice to go with it clears up many issues before they become bigger issues
Improved academic and athletic development
With a new toolkit and voice to go with it, we guide Athlete to thrive for the best version of themselves
Creates a Culture of Trust
Promotes trust for future recruits and current athletes
Potentially recruits/prevent minimal transfers

Spread the Integrity