Our Non-Profit Serving Youth Sports Safe4Athletes.

Safe4Athletes Program

Safe4Athletes provides a safe and positive environment free of abuse, bullying and harassment.

Sports teams that have policies and procedures in place allow for concerns of abuse to be addressed in a timely fashion. The #1 problem for athlete abuse is figuring out who has the POWER and JURISDICTION to do something about it. Becoming a Safe4Athletes team puts the power back in the hands of the athletes. It is very important for every team to emphasize to their coaches, athletes, employees, volunteers, and parents that athlete safety and welfare policies do not imply distrust and are not intended to portray coaches or others as “villains.” Similarly, athlete safety and welfare policies restrict the actions and behaviors of coaches and others in order to maximize the possibility that we will be able to protect program participants from the harm caused by one person with malicious intent. .

S4A Team Model

To ensure integrity, a Safe4Athletes Team commits to doing four things.


ADOPT POLICIES that (a) require criminal background checks for coaches, volunteers, and others before they are permitted to work directly with children and (b) clearly define prohibited conduct in a detailed way, from poor instruction or supervision practices and bullying behaviors, to more serious allegations of professional misconduct such as sexual harassment, or physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Coaches, employees, and volunteers sign a code of conduct agreement acknowledging having read and understanding their obligation to adhere to the policy.

Safe4Athletes serves the youth sports community with Integrity through our comprehensive policies and procedures. Our Policies can be adopted for all levels of sports. Our Policies are available for free to download


EDUCATE TEAM COACHES, ATHLETES, AND VOLUNTEERS about these inappropriate behaviors and the existence of a team conduct policy that must be followed.

Appointment of Athlete
Welfare Advocates (AWA)

APPOINT two parents or other volunteers as ATHLETE WELFARE ADVOCATES (AWA) TO ASSIST TEAM ATHLETES. Athletes are often afraid of confronting more powerful coaches or even their own parents when faced with a distressing situation. The AWA distributes educational materials and invites athletes to call or email to schedule a confidential conversation if they need help handling any situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Accountability Measures

Establish and implement the following appropriate procedures that will restore a safe environment if misconduct occurs:

  • Availability of an Athlete Welfare Advocate to meet in a confidential and supportive environment to assist the athlete (and/or parents) in identifying and addressing the concern.
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