Expert Witness.

Expert Witness

Safe4Athletes’ and Team Athlete Integrity founder, Katherine Starr, has experience in addressing all forms of abuse in sport.

Katherine has been involved in cases addressing the Standard of Care in the following areas:

  • School or Youth-Serving Organization Sexual Abuse, Sexual Bullying and Harassment

  • College or University Sexual Abuse, Sexual Bullying Harassment and misconduct

  • Standard of Care:

  • Sexual Harassment in Educational or Youth-Serving Organizations

  • Sexual Abuse in Educational or Youth-Serving Organizations


  • Student and Youth Injuries.

  • Student and Youth emotional and verbal abuse.

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Current On-Going Case Involvement

(Unable to disclose full details)

  • Fabian vs. Earth Treks – Maryland (Plaintiff)
  • Doe vs. Arizona Board of Regents – Arizona (Plaintiff)
  • Doe vs. Hesperia Unified School District – CA (Plaintiff)
  • Doe vs. Regents of the University of California – CA (Defendant)
  • Doe vs. USA Gymnastics (Plaintiff) (Multiple Cases)
  • Doe vs. Pop Warner Little Scholars (Plaintiff) (Multiple Defendants)
  • Doe vs. Torrance School District (Plaintiff) (Multiple Cases)
  • Dewitt vs. Federal Way School District (Plaintiff)
  • Doe 140 vs. Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc.
  • Landstrom vs. Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc.
  • C.B. vs. Blackhills Football Club, Thurston County – Washington
  • Doe vs. USTA – Santa Clara County, CA
  • Doe vs. Sisters School District (Multiple-client Complaint)

Expert Witness & Consulting.

  • Senator Blumenthal (CT) – Senate Hearings (Advised Staff in preparation for Senate Hearings 2018)
  • Senator Udall (NM) – asked to contribute to senate hearings on sexual abuse in sport (2017)
  • Senator Feinstein Office – Feinstein Sexual Abuse Bill (2017)
  • USA Government Office of Accountability – Youth Sport Campus on College Campus athlete abuse prevention strategies (2015)

  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) – Expert on Harassment & Abuse in Sports (2015)
  • University of Utah Athletic Department – Policy Development (2013)
  • European Union – Best Practices for Sexual Abuse Prevention in Sport (2015)
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