Athlete Integrity Program.

Program Overview

Our Mission is to coach the present to shape the future.

The dynamic between the coach and the athlete is unbalanced for a multitude of reasons, that’s not a secret, the secret is what is going on inside of the athlete due to the imbalance of power. When an athlete communication doesn’t develop at the same pace as their talent the power imbalance between the coach and the athlete leaves them vulnerable to be exposed to coach abuse or perceived coach abuse. .

Program Overview:

— Dedicated point of contact as your Athlete Advocate

— 1 on 1 Focused Athlete Integrity Coaching

— Access to Conflict Resolution Expertise

— Discounted Rates for Coaching with Program Membership

Our Athlete Integrity Program

Athlete Advocate

When you know something isn't right and you need an "athlete" advocate to guide you through it.

Athlete Integrity Coaching

Athlete Integrity Coaches are trained to work with athletes with our Team Athlete Integrity toolkit. We work with coaches and Athletes to find their integrity through their own voice and actions.

Conflict Resolution

We are here to support an athlete through a resolution process to redistribute the power-dynamics of the coach-athlete

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