Team Athlete Integrity

Our Mission is to Coach the Present to Shape the Future with Integrity.

We Coach Integrity for Corporate, Sports Teams and Individuals.

There is an inherent imbalance of power in the workplace and sports teams (doesn’t mean abusive) that can often lead to a toxic environment. Can Integrity make a difference?. We think so! We work with you to to build a sustaining environment with integrity for all stakeholders. The importance of addressing this is it’s effects the bottomline in performance either in the workplace or sports program.

At Team Athlete Integrity, we provide coaching and mediation services to address the present while shaping the future path of the team and the athletes with integrity. SIDE EFFECT WARNING an enhanced voice, a productive work and personal life, increased joy and a renewed desire to excel.


— Initial Team Assessment

— Workshop/Retreats for Integrity Building

—Team Advocate

— Coach for the Coaches/Executives

— Ongoing 1-on-1 Integrity CoachingTM

— Conflict resolution with departments and sports teams

Athlete Integrity Program

Athletes are trained into silence. We have been told many things to get overcome our obstacles. We stayed in situations beyond their experation date. Our reasons were valid in the moment only to suffer late.

We work with athletes (past & present) to find their voice in sport with integrity through our coaching services. We break through strong patterns naturally ingrained in sport. Try a 30 minute complimentary session to begin your journey to integrity.

Team Athlete Integrity Program

Integrity in Sport comes when everybody is in it. When a athlete, coach or administration isn’t aligned in integrity the results will often reflect that back to us. Our organization focus is on restoring integrity in sport.

If you are a coach, an athlete or an administrator our program provides support and assistance the Athlete Integrity way. Our program is design with integrity at the crossroads of sport.

Athlete Integrity Coaching

If you have a coach issue or a coach who has an issue with an athlete we are here to help the athlete find their voice and redistribute the balance of power between a coach and athlete. Learn new skills, connect with yourself differently. A coach still needs a coach, we all need a good coach to get to the next level. We are here to import our coach-athlete expertise which goes both ways to empower the athlete within.

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